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Promotional Products

A successful manufacturer once said that he sold 1,000,000 quarter-inch drill bits to people who did not want drill bits at all. What they wanted were quarter-inch holes!

Businesses bought $7 billion (with a "B") dollars worth of promotional products last year, but they weren't looking for promotional products per se. What they wanted were results. Those promotional products gave them Increased Revenue, Store and Booth Traffic and Improved Plant Safety. They were the "drill bits" that Motivated Staff, Generated Sales Leads, Garnered Shelf Space (mental and physical), Improved Customer Relations, plus Rewarded and/or Retained Employees.

So, what are promotional products?
Promotional products make up an industry that has surrounded most of us all our lives. Look over your desk - see anything with a logo on it, anywhere? Check out those pens. How about your calendar? Maybe your mousepad? What about that shirt you are wearing? Chances are, you will find more than one item with a logo or slogan on it. Even at home you probably have more than one T-shirt, keytag or letter opener reminding you of someone's business. All of these things are promotional products.

How are promotional products used?
Promotional products are used mostly as business gifts. The 2010 - 2011 State of the Industry Survey, conducted by The Counselor magazine, the news magazine for promotional marketing and specialty advertising management, found that Business gifts were the Number 1 use of promotional products.

Here's a list of the 15 top uses:
  • Business gifts
  • Corporate casual apparel
  • Event marketing
  • Tradeshows
  • Employee relations
  • Public Relations
  • Motivation and incentives
  • Traffic building
  • Recognition/Service awards
  • Brand awareness
  • Souvenir/remembrance
  • Safety programs
  • Product rollouts
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Direct-mail marketing

    Where do I start?
    Corporate Incentives of America maintains a staff of professional program designers and administrators who can assist you every step of the way. Need help selecting just the right promotional product? No problem. Planning a product rollout that requires a series of well timed shipping dates? We're the experts. Interested in a creating a Company Store of logoed apparel, golf items and office giveaways? We take your project from an idea to reality. You tell us how much you want us to do.

    Call us at: 800.473.4548 or email to:


    How do I find what I'm looking for?
    Searching for items on the Product Research page is easy. Our product search allows up to 5 search options that can be used separately or in combination with each other.


    When you enter the Sample Incentive Program, you will be looking at an actual program conducted by Corporate Incentitives of America for one of its' clients. This particular program included both promotional products (those with the sponsor's logo) and incentives merchandise (cameras, coolers, radios, etc). Customers earned credit bonuses that could be used to redeem any of the products shown on the site.

    Corporate Incentives of America credited individual accounts with bonus dollars allowing each customer to use a virtual checking account from which they made purchases. (Best of all, we balanced their checkbook for them!)

    Have fun. Spend some play money and imagine how a similar program could work wonders for your business.


    What's Special about it?
    Each month Corporate Incentives features products that are valuable, seasonal and desireable from the best suppliers in the industry. All this value comes at a limited time special price. A perfect site for the budget challenged. Check this site often.

    Corporate Incentives Like to know more?
    Call us at: 800.473.4548 or email:

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